Poetry | Are You a Writer?

Are you a writer?

Are you as compelled to pen in your pleasurable periods

As much as in your perilous times?

Is it that expression flows

More when you’re in your lows

But then is suspended in your highs?

Or well, of course not.

Because those moments of hot


Don’t give time for a pause,

You see.

But smiles and chuckles and joyfully

Raised hands

Tell it


But in your darkness,

In your shadow,

In your soft sofa of self-pity,

You sink.

And there’s power in your sorrow.

Yes, tears slowly follow,

And all you can do is think,

And think,

And hate your situation,

And think,

And think,

About your limitations

And think,

And think,

Under the cloak of night,

Til you can’t bear it anymore.

And so,

You write.

What is it about our reactions to tragedy that make us feel

As if we’re caged?

And what is it about spilling our thoughts out so desperately

That makes us feel saved?

What is it about writing or singing solemnly

That relieves our sadness so?

Or drawing or playing

More black than ivory keys

That helps us let it go?

Are you a writer, my friend?

Then can you some wisdom lend?

For I’m struggling to know if it’s hypocrisy

To await pain before picking up my pen.

· 04/03/2016 ·


© 2018 Sihle Atkinson – All Rights Reserved

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