Poetry | Tender Tree

I wonder what secrets lie

between the roots of this tree.

I’m dazzled by the golden lights

Which dance between its leaves.

May I compare your chocolate skin

To the sturdy trunk below?

Or your lips to supple fruit

Which beckon mine to approach?

Your arms are bark – earthy and dark

Your hands are eager vines.

They reach behind me and within me

While entangling with mine.

Flowers, they bloom upon my skin

Wherever you plant your kiss

Roses, orchids, periwinkles –

They complement tulips.

My rain of sweat and tears –

You show them gratitude

You understand love is profound.

Not only is it soft rain on hot summer days,

But it is a thunderstorm

which floods the ground.

Sometimes what you need

May become what destroys you

And true love is that which sees

The balance between

A plant drowned in murky mud

And withered stems with wrinkled leaves

So I dare you to love me

When I sprinkle, when I pour

I dare you to be wholly mine.

You are the tender tree

Whose branches paint grey skies blue

And I, your warm sunshine.

· 01/04/2018 ·


© 2018 Sihle Atkinson – All Rights Reserved

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jean-Pierre Lacrosse says:

    Dear Sihle, pray tell, where did you find inspiration for such tantalizing words?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Tantalizing” you say? Haha! Well, from my muse of course!


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