You’re Pretty Cool, Too ❤

I never saw myself as a “cool” person. I’m clumsy. I’m goofy. I overthink a lot. I overestimate how much anyone cares about how I look, what I say, and how I act. I cringe at myself often (most recently being today) because I say/do such facepalm-worthy things ALL the time. I have a million idea bubbles that burst into my consciousness in vibrant colours and so I start things and then I forget to continue them. I nag myself about this and other weaknesses. My weight fluctuates (a LOT) and I have very annoying acne that I care too much about. Sometimes I scarf down way too much in one day and sometimes I forget to eat for too many hours. I feel a lot of feelings, all the feels… all the time. And I have so many hobbies that I don’t spend enough time on.

But… I think I’m pretty funny, and I think I’m beautiful especially when animatedly talking about something interesting (I find a lot of things interesting). I really care, not just for my loved ones but for the random lady I just met on the bus, and at intervals I feel rly sad about not being able to be emotionally available and connected to each of the lovely beings I’ve come across. I think I’m clever and really creative and entertaining. I also appreciate how much I introspect almost constantly, knowing I am a work in progress, and how I am charmed by the simplest joys of life, like ocean waves, children laughing, happy singing and taking deep breaths. For all that… I think I’m pretty cool in my own way.

I am not all that I want to be but… for all that I am… I am grateful.

I hope, whoever is reading this, that you’re aware that there are things about yourself to love and appreciate, no matter how worthless you feel. And I hope you be patient with and nice to yourself about the parts of you you’re still working on. You’re pretty cool too, in your own way ☺ Hugs ❤


Sih (@amidthethunder)

#bepatientwithyourself #youreprettycool #workinprogress


© 2019 Sihle Atkinson – All Rights Reserved

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