Hi, I’m Sihle! (Amidthethunder) Thanks so much for visiting my page. I created this blog for myself – to have a calm place – and for you, if you’d like, to peek into my headspace (it’s an amusing and utter mess, I know). Please visit again; I value your support πŸ™‚

Blessings πŸ’š


Thunder & Tea is a convenient space for a spirited Jamaican philomath in her early twenties to attempt to make sense of the rumblings of the world – and how she perceives said world. She is both optimistic and pensive (and in her opinion, hilarious) and through whatever form of expression that suits her at the time, she attempts to sort through whatever is itching at her mind.

The writer behind Thunder & Tea realises that she is her own arch nemesis. And to be fulfilled, she must first learn to defeat herself… by befriending herself. Upon getting painfully close with the person confronting her in the mirror, she learns that the overwhelming discomfort she feels from staring way too long at her reflection… is simply her inhibitions slowly peeling off and falling away.